International call dedicated to the female gaze
Third edition


Many thanks to all the participants in the third edition of the Fotografia al Femminile prize.

Our Call dedicated to the female gaze was a triumph of creativity, diversity and authenticity, and this was made possible by the extraordinary participation of every single person involved.

Each image sent in was a precious fragment of a bigger story, a reflection of your unique view of the world and your experience as a woman. Thank you for moving, inspiring and moving us with your art and talent.

We can only thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this journey so extraordinary and unforgettable. But it is only the beginning because now a selection of this incredible work will become a Photographic Exhibition.

The jury chaired by Federica Berzioli Editorial Co-ordinator of the magazine IL FOTOGRAFO met and elected the winners and shortlisted candidates of the third edition of the International Call for Photos PREMIO “FOTOGRAFIA AL FEMMINILE” that will take part in the Collective Exhibition that will be inaugurated on Saturday 13 April at 4pm and will remain open until Saturday 12 May at the National Roman Museum in the splendid rooms of Palazzo Massimo.

The Photographic Exhibition is part of the event I AM I AM that will be held in Rome at Palazzo Massimo from 13 April to 12 May, which in addition to the photographic exhibition will host talks, meetings and guided tours to support women in a path of knowledge and awareness to counter toxic and potentially dangerous relationships.



First classified
Alena Grom with the project entitled “Stolen Spring” Ukraine. Bucha.

Second place
Tina Salipante with the project entitled “Evanescenze Orfiche” Italia

Third place
Stéphanie Chotia with the project entitled “Amoregrafia” Francia

Special prize IMAGE event I AM IO SONO

Milena Cescati with the project entitled “Fiore, parlami di me”


First classified
Adriana Miani with the project entitled “Sono cristallo”

Second place
Romina Tancredi with the project entitled “Requie”

Third place
Romina Tancrediwith the project entitled “Requie”


In alphabetical order

Alessandra Baldoni with the project entitled”Anche io cresco dal fondo di un lago-colmo di pianto (omaggio ad Antonia Pozzi)”

Angelica Manganaro with the project entitled “Beginning”

Anna Aldighieri with the project entitled ” la ballerina”

Aurora Massini cwith the project entitled “IDENTITAS”

Enrica Ridolfi with the project entitled “Untitled”

Erika Baggiani with the project entitled ” A pezzi”

Francesca Meloni senza titolo

Giordana Sesini cwith the project entitled “Humana Kintsugi – dal buio alla luce”

Giovanna Tonzanu with the project entitled “E tu splendi, invece”

Giulia Marrapodi with the project entitled ” Non è colpa mia”

Ilaria Toscano with the project entitled ” Powerful”

Letizia Gatti with the project entitled”AQUAE”

Lucrezia Testa Iannilli senza titolo

Paola Francesca Barone cwith the project entitled “Icara”

Roberta Cappa senza titolo

Roberta Fusari cwith the project entitled “soul”

Sara Calabretta cwith the project entitled “Rebellion”

Shiori Ota with the project entitled “Giant Pink Star, Mika”

Silvia Pagliarini with the project entitled “Dietro il velo”

Valeria Ciardulli with the project entitled “Sono un vulcano “

Vittoria Salvo with the project entitled “Il linguaggio della presenza”


The third edition of the international call for photographs PREMIO FOTOGRAFIA AL FEMMINILE is promoted and organised by the Roma Fotografia association in collaboration with the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Rome I Centro, Palazzo Massimo National Museum of Rome and the magazine IL FOTOGRAFO.


  1. Revolution in Women’s Representation: We invite professional women photographers, women photographers and women citizens from every nation to participate in a revolutionary action, going beyond the demonstration of male achievements and asserting the complete, inclusive and interconnected identity of every woman.
  2. Conceptual Innovation and Inclusiveness: We seek visual stories that go beyond the traditional demonstration of achievements, encouraging participants to express their essence in a unique and inclusive way by telling a conceptual innovation.
  3. Collective Contribution: The Call emphasises each woman’s contribution to collective progress, inviting them to show through photographs how their ingenuity, intuition and everyday innovation contribute to the betterment of society as a whole.
  4. Revealing Every Woman’s Super Powers: Every woman possesses super powers that manifest naturally, brilliantly, intuitively and innovatively every day. The Call invites participants to reveal these powers, often present in an unconscious way, through photographs.
  5. Looking to the Past and Present: We ask you to explore your own and other women’s lives, contributing to a visual mosaic that reflects the diversity, strength and beauty of women’s experiences. Participate with your photographs in the I’m Call and join us in celebrating the richness and complexity of women’s lives.



A Photographic Exhibition in Rome in the prestigious spaces of the Roman National Museum, Palazzo Massimo, consisting of:

3 Winners Category SINGLE SHOT
3 Winners Category SHORT STORY
SINGLE SHOT and SHORT STORY Category Finalists

  • Exhibition set-up, framing and printing costs by the Associazione Roma Fotografia.
  • The most significant works will be published in the magazine IL FOTOGRAFO
  • Regular gallery updates on SITE and on social networks FB and IG @romafotografiaeventi
  • Selected works will be published in the online catalogue distributed free of charge in PDF format..

TO REGISTER, SEE RULES BELOW and participate either in the Short Story or Single Shot

The images of the first edition of the


SHORT STORY: The work presented must be a project consisting of a minimum of 4 maximum 8 photographs. The participant can also submit more than one project.

SINGLE SHOT: The participant can send one or more single images (even at different times).

Each author can also participate with multiple projects or multiple individual photographs in both categories.

The photographs of the second edition of the


Those who have reached the age of majority (18 years) professional and amateur photographers, foreigners and Italians, can join the initiative..



The organisation of the events and the printing costs of the works selected by the Artistic Committee are borne by the Organization of the Call. 

Participation will be subject to payment of the fee and completion of the form.

The registration fee is non-refundable.

Le immagini della seconda edizione del


It is possible to participate in the Call from Thursday 1 February 2024 until 10 p.m. (CET) on Sunday 31 March 2024

Beyond this deadline the works sent will not be taken into consideration.


Published or unpublished photographs, in black and white and in color with both vertical and horizontal and square shots, taken by any means, digital, analog or cellular, are allowed.

Photographs must be sent in low resolution maximum 1 mega exclusively in JPEG format (.jpg).

Photographs must not contain watermarks.

If selected by the Artistic Committee, the organizing secretariat of the Call may request the same images from the participants, jpg format in high resolution, to be sent no later than 10 days after receipt of the communication. This is to facilitate the production of prints and the best display during projections.

Images that do not comply with the required specifications will not be taken into account.

It is mandatory to declare whether the photographs were made through the use of AI image generators, also through the combination of one or more different techniques (example linpainting, outpainting and prompt whispering).

Some articles published in the magazine IL PHOTOGRAFO of the previous editions


The Artistic Committee is chaired by Federica Berzioli Editorial Coordination of IL FOTOGRAFO:

For Roma Fotografia:
Maria Cristina Valeri Photographer

Alex Mezzenga Photojournalist

For the Municipality of Rome I Centro
Giulia Silvia Ghia Councillor for Culture

The Artistic Committee, in total and unquestionable decision-making autonomy, will establish which individual photographs (SINGLE SHOT category) and portfolios (SHORT STORY category) that will participate in exhibitions and / or screenings and for other events in the rest of Italy.

Furthermore, where it is deemed appropriate, the photographic works (SHORT STORY category) can be extrapolated and included in an exhibition within the SINGLE SHOT category.

The individual photographs (SINGLE SHOT category) and the portfolios (SHORT STORY category) can therefore be selected to participate, simultaneously or at different times, in “ROMA FOTOGRAFIA” exhibitions and events.

The judgments of the Artistic Committee are and remain unquestionable and may be without specific motivation, both regarding the admission of the Works and regarding the participation, and therefore the curatorship, in the exhibitions that will be organized by ROMA FOTOGRAFIA and its partners


The organization of the Call reserves the right to use the images sent for the purpose of promoting the Call itself, through online and paper publication. The copyright of the image and any other rights remain the prerogative of the participating photographer. The works delivered to the secretariat of the Organization, in the manner requested and within the deadline of the Call, and will not be returned.

The dispatch of the photographs and the payment of the participation fee signifies automatic acceptance of these Regulations.

The founding members of the ROMA FOTOGRAFIA Association as well as the members of the Scientific Committee and their respective families, as well as all those who collaborate in various capacities in the organization of the Call are excluded from the tender.

It is mandatory to declare whether the photographs were made through the use of AI image generators, also through the combination of one or more different techniques (example linpainting, outpainting and prompt whispering).


Each participant is responsible for the material presented he presents to the Call; therefore undertakes to exclude any responsibility of the organizers of the aforementioned towards third parties, also towards any subjects depicted in the photographs, above all if minors.

Each participant must inform any interested parties (people portrayed) in the cases and in the manner provided for by Legislative Decree June 30, 2003 n. 196 and subsequent amendments and by the GDPR 2016/679, as well as obtaining the consent to circulate them. In no case will the images sent contain data that can be classified as sensitive.

Each participant also declares to be the sole author of the images sent, which do not infringe the rights of third parties and that if they portray subjects for which consent or authorization is required, he has obtained it.

The organizers also reserve the right to exclude from the Call and not to publish the photos that do not comply in the form and subject with what is indicated in this announcement or with the commonly recognized rules on public morality, ethics and decency, for the protection of participants and visitors. .

Therefore, images deemed offensive, improper and harmful to human and social rights or vulgar images will not be admitted.


The rights to the photographs remain the exclusive property of the author who produced them, who however authorizes their use for events or publications related to the Call itself and for activities relating to the institutional or promotional purposes of the Roma Fotografia association and its Partners. . These companies will be able to use freely the images in their entirety, publish them on social networks, print them, promote them for the circulation of the Call or for other purposes associated with it in some way. Each author is personally responsible for the works presented; By registering for the call, the organization is automatically authorized to reproduce it in the catalogue, publications, CDs and on the internet without profit and by citing the name of the author of the images that will be sent.

Roma Fotografia and those who use the images insure to accompany the photos with the author’s name each and every time they are used.

We inform you that the personal data provided by competitors will be used for activities related to the promotional and management purposes of the Call and related activities, according to what provided for by Legislative Decree June 30, 2003 n. 196 and subsequent amendments and by the GDPR 2016/679. The material sent will not be returned under any circumstances.


The Authors participating in the International Call “I AM – IO SONO” authorize ROMA FOTOGRAFIA Association, the Organization and the Partners to publish and circulate offline and online, including the pages of social networks related to the event, images of and/or relating to the Works participating in the Call, in order to promote the initiative, ROME PHOTOGRAPHY in general and the event , using the means and techniques of communication/ disclosure that the same and the Organizer deem most suitable. With the participation and automatic acceptance of the regulations, the participating Author:

– authorizes the Organizer and the Partners of ROMA FOTOGRAFIA specifically to process their personal data in accordance with GDPR 679/2016;

– declares and guarantees to be the author of the Works presented, to be the sole author and owner of the same and related rights, to have full and exclusive availability of the same and related rights, including the rights of economic exploitation, and of the rights transferred in any case pursuant to these Regulations; it also guarantees the Organization and ROMA FOTOGRAFIA the peaceful enjoyment of the assigned rights, and that it has not put in place any acts that limit their availability and that these rights are therefore free from constraints of any kind;

– declares and guarantees that the Work participating in the Call is original and does not violate property rights or copyrights of third parties and undertakes to indemnify the Organizer and the Partners of ROMA FOTOGRAFIA and to indemnify them from any third party claim and/or damage relating or in any case connected to the Work presented, as well as to reproduction and publication; the Organizer and the Partners of ROMA FOTOGRAFIA are therefore exonerated from any responsibility for any disputes regarding the originality and authorship of the Work presented;

– authorizes the Organizer and the Partners of ROMA FOTOGRAFIA to insert, publish and reproduce the Work presented, with the relative photographic credits, and/or the registration documentation, entirely or in part, directly or through third parties, by any means of communication or support and methods, on the ROMA FOTOGRAFIA website,, on the social network pages linked not to the Call on the social media pages networks managed by the latter as well as those of the Partners;

– declares to be entirely responsible for the contents of the visual and textual material transmitted;

– declares to be aware that submitting the Registration Documentation that is incomplete and/or does not comply with these Regulations constitutes a reason for exclusion from the Award;

– authorizes the Organizer of ROMA PHOTOGRAPHY to keep the Registration Documentation, acknowledging that it will not be returned;

– declares to be aware that the work presented would be excluded from the Prize if it were wholly or partially copied or created in violation of the rights of others; – fully accepts the Call Regulations and declares to be aware that joining the Call, by sending the Registration Documentation, implies acceptance of all the clauses of these Regulations.


Pursuant to and for the purposes of the GDPR 679/2016, the personal data and images that are acquired as part of this Award are collected and processed, also with the aid of electronic means, for the purposes and activities related to the performance of the Prize, including the realization of exhibition events and publication on the website, or to execute legal obligations. The data controller is: Associazione Culturale ROMA FOTOGRAFIA, in the person of its pro tempore legal representative.


The rights and obligations deriving from the Call are governed by Italian law. The Call and its prizes lie outside the Presidential Decree October 26, 2001, n. 430 on the “Regulations concerning the organic revision of the control of competitions and prize operations, as well as local chance events, pursuant to Article 19, paragraph 4, of Law no. 449 “, as it is aimed at the realization of an exhibition for cultural and social purposes and the Call its prizes will be considered according to the Work itself or on recognition of the personal merit of the artists, that is, it is destined in favour of entities or institutions of a public nature or that have eminently social or charitable purposes pursuant to art. 6, paragraph 1, lett. a) and e) of the aforementioned D.P.R. n. 430/2001.


These Regulations are published on the website For any information on the Call you can contact:


The original version of these Regulations in Italian. The Regulations have been translated into English. In the event of a conflict between the English translation and the Italian version, the latter will prevail.