Dear Roma Fotografia friends, thank you for participated in so many of you in the International Photo Call “Am I what I wear?”

The Artistic Committee chaired by ANSA Picture Editor Luciano del Castillo, together with the representative of Camera Leica Italia Giada Triola, IL FOTOGRAFO magazine editor-in-chief Federica Berzioli, the photographer and President of Roma Fotografia Maria Cristina Valeri, the photojournalists Alex Mezzenga, Gilberto Maltinti and the photographer Riccardo Ferranti, announced the winners of the international Photo Call “Am I what I wear?”.


Single photograph by Enrica Ridolfi entitled “I can be who I want”.

SECOND PRIZE: Collective photographic exhibition, from 30 October to 30 November, set up as part of the ‘Roma Fotografia 2023 Future’ Event.

The winning and shortlisted photographs will be mounted and broadcast on four 2.5 sqm LED PANEL screens, positioned inside four of Rome’s most important museums and archaeological areas:

Castel Sant’Angelo, Palazzo Massimo, Palazzo Altemps and the Parco Archeologico del Colosseo (Colosseum Archaeological Park).

Selected photographs:

Andrea Falcon with the story “Cavallo Pazzo / Crazy Horse 1994”

Robert Sadely with the single photo ‘MT’

Margaret Iris with the story “The closest thing to us”.

Roberta Vagliani with the single photo “The right to know”.

Matteo Renzetti with the story “Like a piece of meat”.

Valeria Ciardulli with the single photo “I am what I wear”.

Caterina Taglienti Taglienti with the story “Gli Uomini Albero / The Tree Men”

Davide Martella with the story “Alt-girls”.

Guido Schiefer with the single photo “Iranian woman protesting”.

Sebastiano Cicchello Gaccio with the single photo “Il tulle rose”.

The Artistic Committee will choose one photo from those submitted by participants in the Short Story Category.

All information about the exhibition: