Call “Life in the Time of Coronavirus”
Projection and Video Installation
23-24-25 October 2020

From 23 to 25 October the projections of the video installations arrive in Rome together with the images selected by the Call “Life in the time of Coronavirus” promoted by Roma Fotografia in collaboration with IL FOTOGRAFO the Festival of Ethical Photography and The Walkman Magazine made by Serenella Scuri (Historical Archive Istituto Luce Cinecittà) and by the young Roman director Roberto Palattella.

The screenings are sheduled in different places in Rome including Wegil, a historical building in Trastevere which is today an artistic and cultural reference point of the area, the Latin Walls, the Domitian Stadium, the Galleria Bresciani of Visual Art in via dei Bresciani 20, the historical and characteristic districts of Pigneto, Garbatella, Cinecittà and Flaminio , inside Citylab 971, the spaces of the former paper mill in via Salaria restored and dedicated to cultural innovation.

The choice to project the testimonies that tell of the pandemic that in a short time has upset the whole world is dictated by the decision to respect the provisions in force in terms of safety, to avoid the risk of contagion and above all to offer everyone the opportunity to observe and almost touch the beauty and intensity of moments in life that come from all over the world.

To understand the meaning of being protagonists of our life in the private dimension of our field of work, be it artistic, as entrepreneurs or employees.

23-24-25 OCTOBER FROM 18:00 TO 23:00

Facciata WEGIL: Largo Ascianghi, 5,
Arena di Piazza Mancini
Stadio di Domizian: Via di Tor Sanguigna, 3
Er Ciriola: via del Pigneto, 144
Garbatella: Largo delle sette chiese
Bresciani Art Visual: Via dei Bresciani 20
City Lab 971: Via Salaria 971
Festival della Diplomazia


Mura Latine, Parco delle Mura – viale Metronio altezza via Tracia

Curated by Serenella Scuri

The photo call “Life in The Time of Coronavirus” was to immortalize our state of forced isolation, caused by a global pandemic.

The photos speak of voids, silences, lack of communication. Among the ten thousand sent to the competition there are numerous close-ups of suffering women, tears, surrendered naked bodies: the call of brutal physical or mental violence is immediate, so much so that these shots seem almost more a request for help than simple photographs. These are the fundamental elements for the creation of the SHUTDOWN project with which hidden realities are narrated, where the absence of a complaint is caused by fear, shame or the inability to act.

SHUTDOWN is a visual experiment that combines suggestive images from the Historical Luce Archive, where the Covid virus gives way to that of madness created in a laboratory by any Mr. Hyde, to photographs of women forced, like all of us, to make that “little effort” of staying at home. Each of them, however, with their own tormentor.


Selected Photographer

Aggelos Barai, Agnese garrone, Alessandra Altomare, Alessandra Marinozzi
Alessandro Lucia, Alessio Ivaldi, ALESSIO MAMO, Alireza Iravani, Ambra Pompei, Andrea Alessandro. Andrea Pieri, Anna Faragona, Anna Pucelli, Anna Svelto, Ari Strano, Axel Silvestre-Siaz, Camilla Pietrarelli, CATIA DI MIERI, Chiara Rufini, Clara Wong, Claudia Reali, Claudia Verga, Corrado Di Mauro, Coşkun İnce, Daniel Marchesini, Dario De Dominicis, Davide Boario, Ekaterina Ovchinnikova, Elaha Sahel, Elena Romano, Elisa Sacchelli, Emanuela Volponi, Enrica Ridolfi .jpeg, Ermanno Campalani, Eugenio Rossitto
Fabio Tramarin, Federica Bonfiglio, FEDERICA NENCI, Fran Núñez, Francesco Presepi, Franco De luca, gemma buonanno, Ghazal Abbasi, Giancarlo Rupolo, GILDA LUZZI, giorgia calvanelli, Giorgio Schirato, Giuseppe Scancarello, GIUSI BONOMO, HATİCE ATAÇ  , Hicran Akaalp, Hosein Mansouri, Hugh Peachey, Ida Chessa, Ilenia Bregoli, Irene Fittipaldi
Isabella Franceschini, Jonas Ockelmann, Ksenia Ozdamar, Laura Daddabbo
Laura Secchi, Lisa Tiberi, Lissia Dinoia, Loredana Celano, Luana Ermili, Luca Dessena, Marco Ansaloni, Maria Cingari, Maria Pia, mariafrancesca piras, Martina Lo Dico, Marzio Toniolo, Matteo pittiglio, mauro fumagalli
Meryem Geçimli, Mohammad Dadsetan, nicola maturo,NICOLE FODRITTO
Paola Beatrice Ortolani, Paola Tornambè, Ricardo General, Richard Harris
Rosman Aurélie, Salvatore De Rosa, Sara Camporesi, Shaibal Nandi, silvia calderone, Simon Moricz-Sabjan, Simona Carugati, Simone Bardi, Simone De Bernardin, Stefania Bonfiglio, Stefano Cravero, Tadeu Vilani, Tatiana Del Valle Goroden skaia, Valentina Bacci, valentina bianchi, Valentina Paparozzi
Veronica Martorana, Viola Arrigoni, Zitta Kalmykova

AFTER 11/03
Curated by Roberto Palattella

The video, made with the contribution of the Diplomacy Festival and the collaboration of the Crisis Unit Offices of the Foreign Ministry, deals with the dramatic moment in which Covid-19 was declared a pandemic. Since that moment the offices and staff of the Farnesina have been called to make an extraordinary effort of international coordination to allow approximately 110,000 Italians abroad to return to Italy and their homes, but also to collaborate with embassies and consulates of the entire planet that were experiencing the same emergencies. In the narrative track, the director focuses on the visual reconstruction, through the photographic heritage of the Call, of the dramatic difficulties of travel and family reunification experienced in every corner of the earth. Very difficult months due to the lockdowns that were gradually imposing themselves in the various states and which caused feelings of great loss and fear.

Selected Photographer

Aditya Mawardi, Aggelos Barai, Agnieszka Maruszczyk, Arek Rataj, Babis Kavvadias, Barbara Malacart, Diyanto Sarira, Hamid Sobhani, Jack Aguero, Kalpesh Nukte, Leonardo Mangia, Luning Cao, MatteoZubani, Md Faruq Hossain, Md Zakir Hossai Mohammadreza Behmaram, Natalia Ershova, Nicola Pizzuti, Rijasolo Sijia Ma Swapnil Sakhare, Valeria Ferraro , WardZhou, Zain Ul Abidin, Zon Hisham, Zainal Abidin

Directed by Roberto Palattella

An audiovisual project that describes, through the succession of images and the voiceovers of several actors, the delicate moment experienced by two of the most fragile categories: children and the elderly.

With a light but incisive touch, a moment of great narrative intensity through a hypothetical exchange of letters between grandmother and granddaughter living in the period of the lockdown, when they were forbidden any relationship and physical encounter.

Selected Photographer

Agnieszka Maruszczyk, Alessandro Giannini, Aly Song, André Luetzen, Andrea Brivio, Andrea David, Andrea Fucà, Angelo Anzalone, Anna Dyatlovskay, Anna Faragona, Antonio Cama, Antonio Ferrari, Antonio Liberatore, Antonio Rossi, Antonio Vezzari, Arez Ghaderi, Babis Kavvadias, Barbara Malacart, Borja Abargues, Camilla Calato, Camilla Piana, Chiara Maggiore, Clara Wong, Claudio Manenti, Daniela Gorla Fossa, Daniele Fiorentino, Dario De Dominicis, David Pescarollo, Davide Regalia, Diana Bagnoli, Dondo Yulia, Elena Veniani, Eleonora Grassi, Elisabetta Fusciani, Emanuela Marchitti, Emanuela Venuti, Emanuele Giacomini, Flavia Fiengo, Giancarlo De Luca, Gianluca Rizzello, Giorgio Pincitore, Giulia Barbieri, Giuseppe Gradella, Giuseppe Vitale, Gonçalo Lobo Pinheiro, Gorsad Kyiv, Ilaria Pascazio, Ilenia Giordano, Jesper Houborg, Joe Habben, Ka Wai Cheung, Kristina Banholzer, Laura Secchi, Letizia Bucci, Lisa Martini, Loredana Celano, Luca Dessena, Manlio Cosimo De Pasquale, Marco Pieropan, Maria Pansini, Marta Gazzurelli, Martin Ordeñana, Martino Lombezzi, Marzio Toniolo, Matteo Trevisan, Matteo Placucci, Maurizio Cimino, Maurizio Gjivovich, Michele Porcelluzzi, Nicola Doro, Nicola Vigilanti, Nicoletta Carnelut, Oriana Spadaro, Paolo Miranda, Pierluigi Ciambra,