Preview of the THIS IS US photo exhibition, scheduled from 27 November 2020, due to government restrictions for the Covid-19 emergency, it has been extended to the earliest possible date.

It is the sixth selection of the photographs to arrive at the call “Life in the time of coronavirus” promoted by Roma Fotografia in collaboration with the magazine IL FOTOGRAFO, the Festival of Ethical Photography in Lodi and The Walkman Magazine.

The spread of Covid – 19 has overwhelmed and upset the whole world, without discounts or exceptions. Each of us stopped and lived as if in a suspended time.

Those who had never done it before were forced to look in the mirror, in order to deal with their own existence and redesign spaces and habits.

Trying to maintain a semblance of normality that has allowed us to move forward.

With the certainty and comfort that from all over the world everyone was facing the same difficulties and cultivating the same dreams.

From this idea was born the third THIS IS US exhibition: a selection of images that immortalize moments, actions, situations that seem to speak for everyone, telling what each of us did or thought at least once during the first dramatic months of the pandemic. Without rhetoric or compassion.

With the only intent of arousing in the eyes of the beholders the emotion of finding themselves in many small actions that are repeating day by day in every corner of the world. With this awareness we want to transform the infinite feelings and conditioning that accompany this difficult period into a great opportunity that breaks down limits, climbs walls, unites everyone in a single, great, exciting story.


Davide Bertuccio, Diyanto Sarira, Alessio Mamo , Adam Firman, Arianna Liseo, Giuseppe Ulizio, Alireza IravanI, Sven Delaye, Barbara Rossi, Michele Vantaggi, Leonardo Mangia, Mario Cabras, Antonio Liberatore, Giovanni Firmani, Fortunata Scarponi, Valentina Bacci, Nicola Doro, Antonello Veneri, Anna Maria Noto, Mirco pio Silvestri, Chiara Rufini, Borja Abargues, Ilaria Pascazio, Rosa Liberati, Corrado Ippoliti, Manlio Cosimo De Pasquale, Michele Porcelluzzi, Giovanna Dell’Acqua, Maurizio Ugolini, Francesco D’Alonzo, Franco Luigi Beretta, Gabriella Caparrelli, Armando Di Loreto, Elaha Sahel, Luning Cao, Oliver Gargan, Michi Galli

Alberto Mesirca, Andrea Partiti,Anuradha Abeysekera, Arek Rataj,Bente Marei Stachowske, Diana Bagnoli,Fabrizio Spucches, Gianluca Uda, Giuseppe Maione, MD Zakir Hossain, Mobin Mayeli,Nicola Doro,Nikos Pilos, Paolo Testa, Pierluigi Perfetto, Tiziano Manzoni, Jordi Cohen Coodeforns