We are happy and proud to announce the winners of the Bresciani Visual Art Special Female Photography Award.
We strongly wanted to organize this initiative to pay homage to female talent and turn on the lights on women’s gaze and their photographic interpretation on a complex and nuanced theme such as freedom.

We wanted to urge and stimulate all the photographers to write with their images the story of the courage, of the imagination, of the invisible of curiosity, of the whimsy they are capable of drawing on their history and what they observe and experience every day to describe what they are. today the spaces are conquered by dark areas, the desires pursued, the horizons dreamed of.

Special thanks go to the organizational management and the artistic committee of Roma Fotografia and to all our partners the magazine IL FOTOGRAFO, Bresciani Visual ArtCamera Service RomaThe Walkman Magazine, with the support of the Festival of Ethical Photography of #Lodi and the Biennial of Female Photography.

The selected works will be exhibited at the Bresciani Visual Art Gallery in Rome from 1 October to 31 October 2021.


First Classified

Melissa Ianniello
Titolo: Wish it Was a Coming Out

Second Classified

Shabana Zahir
Titolo: Il nostro viaggio

Third Classified

Rosita Lusignani
Titolo: Madame Curie


First Classified
Stefania Bonfiglio
Titolo foto:Il volo della libertà

Second Classified

Paola Limena
Titolo foto: La mente vola

Third Classified

Laura Daddabbo
Titolo foto: A little 50s

Special Mention

Lavinia Paolini
Titolo foto: Il tempo ritrovato


Alessandra Rigolin
Titolo: HOME

Barbara Balabani
Titolo: Ogni Regina ha la sua Corona

Barbara Sebastiani
Titolo: to go blue

Debora Sanna
Titolo: Diamo il via ai bei tempi

Erika Morano
Titolo: Il diritto di allattare, ovunque io lo desideri

Francesca Pompei
Titolo: The women of Rebibbia. Walls of stories

Gemma Buonanno
Titolo: Like a Butterfly

Jenny Liedholm
Titolo: San Valentino in 6 / Libertà creativa

Lara Campostrini
Titolo: Sognando la libertà

Leticia Zica
Titolo: Interrupted

Maddalena Bianchesi
Titolo: “Io vado a scuola”

Maddalena Braconi
Titolo: Un definire

Maria Mercedes Moriana Regalado
Titolo: Sadness

Nicole Guillon
Titolo: La ragazza nelle nuvole

Paola Malcotti
Titolo: Unlocked

Paola Setaro
Titolo: Un sigillo di luce

Sara Camporesi
Titolo: Arborea

Viviana Bertelli
Titolo: Dreams and wings


With the “FEMALE PHOTOGRAPHY BRESCIANI VISUAL ART” Award, the Organizers want to turn on the lights by looking for the gaze of women, their photographic interpretation on a complex and nuance theme.

The meaning and desire for freedom for both men and women coincide and not only in needs, but also rights as well as duties, possibilities and opportunities, in the perception of oneself and of one’s own existence in a world that proceeds at different speeds and with safeguards often irreconcilable with the meaning and substance of an inalienable right such as freedom.

In the history of humanity, it is evident how much the female path has been and is scarred by too many wounds, limits, inequalities, atrocities. However, it is exactly in the centre of this oppression that women have been able to descend by seeking and finding within the self the necessary resources to create lateral, vertical and complex thinking.

Pioneering and rebellious women who were often forced to pay a very high price for their natural demand for freedom, have been able to invent creative languages, fundamental discoveries, become pioneers of original ideas and powerful and alarming actions.

The “FEMALE PHOTOGRAPHY BRESCIANI VISUAL ART ” Award wants to urge all photographers to write with their images the story of this courage, imagination, of the invisible, of curiosity, of the eccentricity they are capable of drawing on their history and what they observe and live every day to describe the conquered spaces, the dark areas, the pursued desires, the dreamed horizons today.


The selected works will participate in one or more group exhibitions at the Bresciani Visual Art Gallery in Rome during the “ROME PHOTOGRAPHY 2021 FREEDOM” event. In addition, the selected works can also be included in other exhibitions and / or events in the calendar of the International Call of “FREEDOM / AFTER LIFE IN THE TIME OF CORONAVIRUS”.