After the important results of the edition linked to the Eros theme (Roma Fotografia 2020 EROS) and the Life in the Time of Coronavirus Photographic Call, Roma Fotografia has chosen to explore the concept of freedom.

Also in this edition we have chosen to combine great authors with the value of direct testimonies from photographers, amateurs and citizens from all over the world who recount, without the filter of other interpretations, sight into their own life and what surrounds them.

We are certain that once again it is possible to reach and enhance otherwise unknown stories and talents with a capillary collective narrative.

Our event will consist of photographic exhibitions, video projections and shorts that will make up a widespread event that will take place in Rome in museums and public spaces. A large stage created with creative and original ideas that are committed to making photography and its protagonists an increasingly well-known and widespread language.

What does freedom mean?

From the Latin libertas, a noun analogous to libitum – volition without coercion -, which both derive from the verb libere – having the pleasure of doing something pertinent to one’s own good. This term denotes the peculiar and exclusive capacity that man has to be the master of his own acts, and therefore responsible for his own actions (and thoughts).

Freedom, a unique capacity, has given rise to innumerable and complex issues throughout history.

However, there is an almost universal consensus on one point: freedom is the highest title of nobility that man is endowed with, and for this reason in the social sphere it also constitutes his first, sacred and inviolable right. Every legal system – both private and public – must respect the freedom of every person, allowing it to be public practice within the limits of the common good.

Yet, despite the past millennia and the infinite reflections, applications in various fields or the equally countless attempts to govern or limit it, still today it remains a word that contains a powerful and vast concept on which to reason, issue, fight for or with which to defend something precious and inviolable.

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